(f)empowered Instagram Guide

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Introducing the (f)empowered Instagram Guide

Your formula for creating authentic Instagram content that aligns with your brand

The course that breaks down every step you need to take to build a connected online community and grow your customer base.


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It’s 8pm and you STILL haven’t posted on Instagram for the day. You sit down and scroll through your feed for ideas.

Two hours later, and nada. You sit there frustrated that you wasted time (again) and now you’ve not posted for days, or weeks in a row. You realise you could have spent that time with your other half, or practising some self-care. Instead, you’re now tired, feeling like a failure and going to bed with all that negative talk in your head. 
When you finally post something, you get crickets. Only a few likes, not even a comment. And no one has even clicked on the link in your bio. What the hell are you doing wrong?! Why does everyone else do it so easily?! 
Yep, the struggle is real. Is it even worth being on Instagram?
Short answer, yes it is worth it. The reason it comes so easily to everyone else is because they know the formula, and have done the work to create authentic content that aligns with their brand values, and resonates with their followers. So how do you do this for yourself?
Thank god for free resources huh? You’ve downloaded all the freebies available, PROMISING it’s the solution to your lacklustre Instagram.

Yet here we are. Still frustrated. Still wasting time. Still posting content for the sake of posting content.

Sure the info in the freebies were great… but they didn’t really help you get what you want. Which is the knowledge to post the ‘right’ content to grow your business.

You’ve spent the past year, or maybe 18 months of business second-guessing everything, and scared to invest the money to improve your Instagram game. 

Will you spend another 18 months doing the same thing and getting the same results? (eg: no results)

  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
  • (f)empowered Instagram Guide
And here’s the thing you probably don’t want to hear

You’re choosing to hate posting on Instagram. 


You’re choosing to waste those hours posting below-average content. Yeah, you actually do have a choice on whether you improve your Instagram content, or you just keep posting content that’s not quite good enough. I think I know which choice you’re going to make. And if you’re ready to make that choice, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. 

Let’s work together to put an end to those wasted hours, and take back that time to do more of the things you love.


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the (f)empowered Instagram Guide

This course doesn't offer fluffy suggestions, but actionable steps to take that will make a real difference to your Instagram account, your brand and your business’ bottom line. 


Instagram has changed a lot over the past 18 months, however one thing remains constant: and that’s the formula for making your brand stand out amongst the rest. Go beyond generic content ideas, and boring call-to-actions, and get down to the nitty gritty details of what makes a successful brand on Instagram. 

Chances are you’re in your first, maybe your second year of business. You’ve made a few sales, and worked hard on getting your business systems up and running.

But the one thing you still haven’t worked on, and can never seem to find the time to work on is your Instagram marketing.

You KNOW that you have to be on Instagram to build your brand and grow your customer base, but there are only so many hours in the day and you hate having to spend a couple of hours every night trying to figure out what to post, and pray that it makes you a sale. 

Would you believe me if I told you that the problem isn’t the hours in the day?

The reason why you’re struggling to grow on Instagram is:


  • You have no strategy

  • No focus

  • You’re just winging it without any data to support the content you’re posting

The (f)empowered Instagram Guide will show you that you don’t need a couple of hours each night - in fact you need as little as 3 hours a week to create and schedule your content, and give it as little as 2 weeks and you’ll start to see better engagement, receiving enquiries from your ideal customers and improved brand presence on Instagram.

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The (f)empowered Instagram Guide will show you that you don’t need a couple of hours each night - in fact you need as little as 3 hours a week to create and schedule your content, and give it as little as 2 weeks and you’ll start to see better engagement, receiving enquiries from your ideal customers and improved brand presence on Instagram.

Count Me In!

Let’s step into that CEO energy and start putting in the work to grow your business!  


  • This course isn’t about winging it anymore, it’s about being strategic and creating content that is intentional and designed to attract your dream customers and grow your business. 

  • Say goodbye to meaningless content and the constant stress of wondering what to post next - and say hello feeling confident, motivated and focused when it comes to managing your Instagram. 

  • You’ll learn how to create content that is aligned with your brand values, speaks directly to your ideal customers and builds trust with your community. There’s no cut-and-paste template here - it’s all about teaching you how to be authentic on Instagram to grow a brand and business that connects with your followers.

You’ll finally get more time back in your life to spend on the things that are important to you - whether it’s your self-care routine, spending time with your kids, or going on more holidays because you can!


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Here’s everything you get in the (f)empowered Instagram Guide:

  • Refine your brand identity and create a powerful brand presence on Instagram
  • Build a loyal community, who trust you and love to engage with you
  • Start creating intentional content that is aligned with your brand values, as well as your big picture goals and objectives
  • Finally understand your Instagram Insights, and use that data to continually refine your content to keep attracting your dream customers
  • Plus bonus courses: Introduction to Canva, Product Photography for Beginners, Instagram for First Timers and Strategic Content Planning spreadsheet

“Having someone like Nur on your team is like hitting the jack pot, she is very trustworthy, fantastic with social media and wonderful at marketing she also has a keen eye for detail, she loves to get to know you and your business and creates ways to help you while creating content that matches and lines up with your ethics and business model, she has always gone above and beyond for me, I cannot recommend her highly enough greatly appreciated.”

Dive deep into

The (f)empowered Instagram Guide:


Building your brand identity

  • Get to know your brand inside out, from your values, voice and key messages
  • Learn how to communicate your brand on Instagram and build a loyal audience
  • Understand your target market so you know how to reach them
  • Build your ideal client profile so you can start attracting them 

Creating the content

  • Write captions that excite and engage
  • Learn how to make visuals that are attention-grabbing, but also don’t take up hours in your day
  • Understand the different types of content and how to maximise each type to reach more people

Planning the content

  • Discover how to organise all your content ideas to tell a story on Instagram
  • Learn the different methods for planning, and find the one that works best for you
  • Lighten the workload, and maximise your time so you can ‘set and forget’

Understanding your insights

  • Learn how to access your Instagram insights
  • Understand what the different terms mean, and which ones are relevant to you 
  • Refine your content by using your insights data, and increase your reach 

Yes, there are BONUSES! When you buy the (f)empowered Instagram Guide, you get access to all modules AND the following freebies:


Introduction to Canva

Your step-by-step guide to using Canva, from setting up your brand guide, using Canva’s tools, and time-saving tips to creating visuals (valued at $149).



Product Photography for Beginners

I will teach you everything I have learnt about product photography, and show you how you can use your phone and cheap props to create outstanding product photos (valued at $99).



Instagram for First Timers

This is for those who are completely new to Instagram and don’t know the difference between a tag and a share. I’ll run through how to set up your account correctly, and the basic features you need to know to start posting content (valued at $149)



Strategic Content Planner

You'll get access to my  personal spreadsheet, that is pre-populated with content pillars, topics and caption prompts, all from a simple drop down menu (valued at $49).



Access to my VIP Facebook group

where you can directly contact me for any questions you have about the course or social media marketing in general (value: priceless!)



TOTAL BONUS VALUES: $446 - but all yours for free when you sign up to (f)empowered Instagram Guide!


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Take advantage of the (f)empowered Instagram Guide today before the price goes up!

Turn your Instagram from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ and attract your dream customers by being your wonderful, authentic self.


You might be umming and aahing, wondering if you’re ready to invest in something like this. If you’re ready to ditch the late nights, the Instagram posts that don’t get results, and feeling upset that your content isn’t resonating with your followers, then you are MORE than ready to invest in the (f)empowered Instagram Guide.


Don’t waste another day stressing over what to post and if it’s going to work - purchase the (f)empowered Instagram Guide today and get that dream life you’ve always wanted.

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Oh hey, I’m Nur (pronounced neither here nor there) and the human behind the (f)empowered Instagram Guide.

I’ve worked with several female small biz owners over the past three years, helping them increase their brand presence, connect with their ideal customers and grow their sales. 

Each time, I come across the same thing - how do I know what to post? Why is my content not reaching the right people? 

That’s why I created the (f)empowered Instagram Guide. If all these women were asking the same questions, then there are definitely more of us out there wondering the same thing. So to help as many fempreneurs as possible, I have put together everything I have learnt into this course so that you can have the same results as me. 


I started my business in 2020 to help out a friend, without realising the gap in the market for social media marketing services. I recognised that Instagram was the best way to build my community and attract my ideal clients, so I started posting. However, I found that my knowledge of social media marketing was based on knowledge dating back 6-7 years ago, so wasn’t quite up to speed with 2020 social media marketing practices. There were new features, new trends and new approaches to learn - the one constant thing was that it was rooted in traditional marketing principles (4 Ps of product, price, place and promotion). So combining my old and new knowledge, I was able to shift everything I was doing and create a strategy that allowed my content to reach the right people, and start booking clients who understand the value I provided to their business.

And that’s what I want for you which is what you’ll get when you join the (f)empowered Instagram Guide course.

Everything that is in here is a more intensive version of what I present in my workshops, so you know that it’s packed with value and you will learn some useful things you can implement in your Instagram content strategy.

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Stop winging it, and start being intentional! Let’s get together and create some Instagram magic.


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“Starting a business has been far harder than I thought and I have no idea what I would have done without you. I have a social media plan, some awareness of reels, a very basic email list and most importantly some systems in place to make it all a lot easier all thanks to you!”


Why this course? Why you? These are totally valid questions! 


This course isn’t just about making you better on Instagram. It’s about making you see that you have got what it takes to grow your business beyond ‘just a side hustle’. Education and empowerment is a huge part of my brand values, and every time I do a consult, or run a workshop my focus is on making sure that you walk away with the skills AND confidence to show up on Instagram and create authentic content that aligns with your brand, not just copying what’s out there.


Instagram doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, it should be fun! If you truly love your business and want to succeed, than you can definitely improve your Instagram game and build you brand and business on the platform. I am all about ensuring that your learning experience is enjoyable, easy to understand and not overwhelming, so if you find that my course is none of these things in the first 14 days, you can ask for a refund. Yep, I’ll give you a chance to test it out and see if it’s the right fit for you, and if it’s not, then I’d hate for you to be stuck with something you don’t like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stop being scared of Instagram, and start enjoying the content creation process.


No more late nights, wasted hours and disappointing results.

Be more authentic in your business, and build a loyal and connected community.

This is your year to kick Instagram’s ass.

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“Nur is generous, smart, kind and strategic and best of all her social media work gets the job done. (f)empowered communications helped me to sell out an event in a town I’d recently moved to & Nur has helped me establish my brand in this new market. I am so grateful for her help and expertise.”